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Ketamine is a well-known anesthetic agent with dissociative and hallucinatory properties, often referred to as “The Club Drug.” Recent studies have found that ketamine can be an effective treatment for depression. The FDA has approved the use of ketamine, leading to the emergence of ketamine clinics worldwide. While the mechanism of action of ketamine is not yet fully understood, it is believed to repair damaged synapses and neuronal connections in the brain tissue that have deteriorated due to stress and depression.

The effects of ketamine depend on the dose administered. At low doses, it causes hypoesthesia, tingling body sensations, jerky movements, and dizziness, followed by a feeling of euphoria and peace, dull visuals, and distorted vision. High doses of ketamine cause hallucinations involving major sensory organs, with distorted taste perceptions and conversations with non-existent people. At very high doses, individuals may experience Out-of-body or near-death syndrome, which includes recalling explicit inner life experiences and a disoriented sense of time, place, and person.

Ketamine is a water-soluble Phenylcyclodine derivative, containing two enantiomers: S(+) and R(-) isomers. It is available in liquid form or as ketamine hydrochloride, which is administered intravenously. Ketamine also has trade names such as Ketalar and Spravato, which are administered through nasal sprays.

Ketamine exhibits an uncompetitive antagonistic relationship with NMDA receptors, inhibiting the transmission of electrical impulses between the brain and spinal column. It also interacts with opioid receptors and inhibits monoamine oxidase cholinergic, purinergic, and adrenoreceptor systems.

Ketamine has been found to be safe for those who use it infrequently, but continuous use can lead to chronic degeneration of neurons. Prolonged exposure to ketamine has been found to cause brain damage in animals. It is essential to note that when administered for a shorter period, no adverse effects were seen.

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